Sunday, 4 August 2013

Nearly a month!

I was looking over my youtube account and I realised it's been nearly a month since my last video of Starbase. Goodness me that is way too long!
I guess what I am really waiting for is for a presentable copy showing a significant amount of change too starbase. Little do I realize there has been a huge amount of work done, I just haven't stopped to look. I think as soon as I redo the building tab I'll present a video of the new version of starbase.

What's new?
More or less this latest transition in starbase has been to upgrade pre-existing features. Graphics, coding, world loading/generation, resources, placement, interface and so on are all getting a polished upgrade. I'm extremely happy with everything so far.

-Resource system: with complex mathematics including expenses, resource gathering, cuts, distribution and so on.
-New research code, old one was bugging up horribly.
-Plans for an extra 2 layers to the background. Redoing the background to make it more compatible with the mini-maps point click-move system.
-Plans for basic buildings to deal with resource management.
-Population and Happiness resources added, both intertwined.
-New graphics for everything (obvious)
-Custom cursor
-Asteroids mine-able for ore.

Bug fixes:
-Lag bug: caused by multiple placement pads occupying the same space.
-Placement hover bug: caused by the mouse scrolling too quickly and the pad not detecting the mouse's exit.

-Background scrolling: Currently the background is not loading correctly or sticking in place relative to the screen. So if you scroll too far you just start getting random lines of unloaded image. Will have to rework the background.

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