Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Images & Externalising

Starbase is coming along nicely and I'm pleased with the direction in which it's progressing. So far there have been no hold up in creating the sprite art. It's really good to get back into my comfort zone. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the challenge of coding and programming, but after a while it can get really tedious especially when your learning as you go.

So without your knowledge I took an unannounced week off starbase development, Mwah ha ha haa!

After constantly banging my head against my computer screen screaming 'why you no work?!?' I felt a bit exhausted. My attitude went from 'yes we can' to 'eh'. So I decided before I dive into the sprite art I might take a bit of a break, just to refresh and take care of some real life issues. I'm glad I did, approaching the sprite art with a good attitude and a fresh perspective has really paid off I feel. So far I've really only been tackling the corridors (as they have to fit together I have to ensure the graphics are perfect).

More corridor sprites can be found here on the facebook:
Ingame Graphics

Might also be interested to know I'm working on backgrounds or 'scenes' as I am calling them.
... It looks much better up close I promise. It's my hope to be able to include multiple maps and have the game pre-select a random scene. I truly want to make each environment unique, just like asteroid placement perhaps down the track even asteroid numbers (though we will see). I like the idea of getting lucky starts or even getting struck with bad luck at the beginning forcing you to improvise.

What else have I been doing? Well nothing short of more coding, I reorganized and reconstructed a lot of my original coding:
See how organised and neat it is now? What your looking at is the WIP code for map generation. It's very basic (then again space doesn't have much in it) but by the end of this I hope to establish a firm template in which to create multiple types of maps. It's also my intention to make a metagame code, obviously I need to get my map generation working first as well as more content. But long term goals are good to have, there is just so much I want to include.

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