Sunday, 28 July 2013

Progress Report

Everything is running smoothly, slowly day by day I'm getting a bit more done. The Starbase Project is finally taking the form of something very real and very exciting.

What's been done:
-Completed all major graphics to date including minor adjustments to the UI.
-'Placeholder' Loading screens have been put in. (such a fan of placeholder images)
-Externalizing of all Images is complete, custom texture packs and images are now fully supported.
-I've done some research and discovered I can also externalize code, meaning modding support is not out of the question (though something I will approach at a much later date).
-Branding; Namely a name for Starbase Project other than, well, starbase project... so finally I can start branding and we can start using an actual game.
-More research into websites and forums etc... Still a long way off considering the player base behind starbase project is less than 20 atm.

 So I'm pumped, I've nailed down some of the biggest features and issues yet and basically made starbase a real thing. Now I know I've said that starbase has a name, and that all graphics are complete, that the system has basically had a major graphical and coding overhaul. So why haven't I told it or shown any graphics?

Because I'm big on surprises, and this update is going to be a big surprise. In the sense that not only am I going to release a major update I am also considering releasing a Development copy once the major bugs (namely the resources) have been squashed and I have implemented basic content so the game runs at lease somewhat the way it's suppose to.

Don't get too excited, this version of the game will be labelled Dev1.0 and will be backbone game play. don't expect anything flashy yet, the game will need a lot of fleshing out especially in the metagame department. Basically all it will be is being able to place segments of corridors and manage the basic resources with basic resource gathering buildings

I eta about 2 weeks more or less before I am able to release a copy, though like all good indie developers you can be assured I'm not going to release it until I am absolutely positive that it is ready.

Stay tuned people.

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