Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Component Test Video

But before I go, I just remembered I need to add this to the blog:


Basically before I began this log I uploaded this section placement test which shows you how placing and deleting sections works using the left and right mouse buttons (probably going to change in the future). It's extremely simple, this was about 2 days work. The video shows at 1:20 just what happens behind the scene that allows you to place the sections.
 *Just to clarify now, those are just placeholder images I am using for the sections. Really simple grey boxes, just until I get the basic's down. Once the games in a playable state I'll pump out some high quality pixel art.*

If anyone is wondering I'm developing this game in GameMaker 8.1 Standard. Since I don't have an innate talent for coding and my brain seems to recognize imagery better than text. GameMaker simply makes things a bit easier for me in the long run (and it's the only thing I could afford that I could possibly make games with).

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