Saturday, 22 June 2013

Mini-map is finished!

Yay! I am celebrating a small victory here. If you were unaware this mini-map has been giving me hell and then some doing the exact opposite of what it was suppose to be doing. But that is now behind us because I have finished the programing of the mini-map which is now (from what I can tell) in perfect working order.

As you can see it may need some tweeking here and there. Specifically I will need to fix up some of the mini-map icons and work out some layering issues. But besides that all it needs now is content which I will add as I go. For the moment the mini-map is exactly where I want it to be.

You may have also noticed that the Mini-map is of better quality than that of the rest of the game. That is because the mini-map needed some very precis calculations and in order to get accurate readings I needed to work with the final product. So this officially is the first completed graphic for the Starbase project.

Oh and what's more, you may have noticed the giant floating turds Asteroids! They are randomly generated and will spawn about 6 per map so far. You cannot build over them, you cannot build into them, you actually cant really do anything with them at this time... but eventually in the game I will introduce mining and indeed make it so that larger asteroids can be destroyed using high yield explosives. This may or may not be a risky business in the long run as it will shatter asteroids into smaller chunks. So that means I'll be adding miniature asteroids as well (some randomly generated with no momentum like their larger cousins). But at the moment, all asteroids do in the game is take up space on the map and act as annoying road blocks.

Yes the asteroids current graphics are shocking, but like the starbase itself that system is awaiting a major graphical overhaul. So patience, I will get around to prettying up the game one day.

So now the mini-map is finally down what's next?
-Build/research/resources/menu buttons/tabs all need to be added.
-Main menu, in which I will be adding everything possible ranging from a load, new game, campaign, tutorial, options, and so on.
-More environmental features; Like Nebula and Suns.
-Resources! Can't build a starbase on nothing. So Right after all the ingame tabs and buttons complete I'm moving straight onto this. Possibly may add some components like solar panels, hydroponics, water collectors, Oxygen Recyclers so you can collect resources and actually build/expand. This might mark the end of my TechDev series and mark the start of my Indev series. I may have closed beta testing from that point onwards but I'm very cautious about releasing this game too early. Especially in it's current state this game gets very boring very quickly.

I'm also contemplating an internal high-score. What do you think?

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