Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Idea

Welcome to Starbase!

At least, that's what it's gonna be called at the moment. Starbase is a working titles, think of it like a project name. While it's an accurate description about what this game is going to be able it's not exactly what I am looking for (that and I think someone has already developed a game called Starbase). So moving on from the title debate, which I will figure out at some later stage, you'll probably wanna read more about what this game is about.

Starbase is a 2D stereoscopic Sci-fi/Space game about building and running your own Starbase. My main goal is to create a game whereby players can construct their own Starbases from scratch. You will have to deal with various issues like power output, water production, food production, oxygen production, trade, mining, science and more. Essentially building a space city which is able to sustain itself and become a productive installation.

- Custom built Starbases.
- Advance resource and trade systems.
- Difficult levels based on map locations (eg. Peaceful difficulties when building Starbases in the inner regions 'Alliance' territory, hard difficulties when building outside 'Alliance' territory)
-A.I - Traders, Raiders, Friendlies, unknowns, aliens and more.
-Random Events and Metagame .
-Linear campaign and tutorial, with custom games, survival and sandbox functions.
-Detailed 2D graphics, with 3D Stereoscopic elements.

While this is an arm full of features and planned elements I am by no means entering this project without an plan.

My first task has been to work out the bugs and kinks with the sectioning system, which basically will allow players to create Starbases according to their specifications. Being able to place 'sections' of corridor to shape their Starbases will allow for a lot of creative freedom and strategic planning. From there I'll progress to the UI and get everything working within the game. Once the UI is up I can begin working on resources and survival elements.

So quite a lot of typing, now my fingers have had their daily workout I shall leave it at that. Whew, I'll be working some more on Starbase  tomorrow, right now I need some sleep.

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